Spring Fever Part two


Jere Stermer continues his “Spring Fever” saga…..

With Spring Fever, one of the songs I sang lead on out front, while Lee played drums, was a ballad, ‘First Take’ by Roberta Flack. I sang it slow and bluesy like the record (yes record). We we’re still playing at the Frigate Lounge when I sang it for the first, and surprisingly to the me and the band, got a standing ovation — no lie. And at the Frigate Lounge of all places. I went home with stars in my eyes. “This is what I was meant to do — sing.” I didn’t sleep very well that night picturing my self performing in Vegas — look out world, here I come.
The next night at the Frigate it was time for me to sing ‘First Take’ again and I was all soothed and cocky with the fantasy of stardom, and sang the song coolly like I was Frank Sinatra and had been singing all my life. All went well until the end of the song. There is a stretched out sustain on the last line of the song where the band and I suspend the notes. The ending phrase is, “The first time ever I saw . . . . your face  . . . . your face, etc.” One of the other lines in the middle of the songs is, “ . . . the first time ever I lay with with you . . .” Well, with my overconfidence clouding my brain, I switched the 2 lines around and I ended the song with, “The first time ever I lay . . . (sustain) . . . I didn’t have enough front-man experience to get myself out of it so I sang, “The first time ever I lay . . . your face . . . your face . . . your face . . .” The band laughed at me all during my embarrassing predicament. Needless to say, that was the very last time I sang that song or any lead song with Spring Fever. Oh, and Vegas was off the list.

me sing spot ml
Jere – singing out front with Spring Fever

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3 Responses to “Spring Fever Part two”

  1. Lucy Says:

    Was there a female singer in the Spring fever band named, Gloria Uribe/Michaels?

  2. erica Says:

    Classic photo of Stermer!

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