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Music for Toys for Tots

November 28, 2009



Don Junker  / Scott Holbert  / Mike Davis  / John Williams  / Randy Martell


Ken Ebo  / Jen Krupa  / Bob Holladay   / Corey Wallace   / Gabe Osborne  BASS TROMBONE: Bernard Robier  TUBA: Ed Goldstein


Eric Wetzel  / Rich Burns  / Barry Cauldill  / Whit Williams  / Al Caldwell


Ron Friedman  / Lynne Griffith  / Eldridge Parrish  / Lenore Turner  / Chris Dwyer / Cally Messick


PIANO: Paul Morawski   BASS: Jason Gano   GUITAR: Jough Loosmore   DRUMS: Marty Knepp  PERCUSSION: Joanna Dabrowska

VOCALS:  Ken Ebo & Tammy Temple     MASTER of CERMONIES:  Ken Jackson WYPR FM Radio

Giving Thanks

November 23, 2009

I’m feeling thankful for great family, great friends and great music. A new friend here in Minneapolis—a young graphic and web designer named Chris Keene—recently turned me on to Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour which ran on XM Satellite Radio. I’ve been culling through the archives and finding gem after gem …. like listening to Dylan’s personal playlist of eclectic music across the board, across the decades, and across all genre. I highly recommend the trip.

Each one-hour show features tunes based on a different theme. There’s not a lot of Thanksgiving music per se, so the Thanksgiving show featured mostly ‘left-overs” (very appropriate). One exception is this 1950 recording by The Robins. I offer it here as a teaser to check out this musical collection, and as my way of saying “thanks” to each and every one of you who have stopped in here to read this. Peace.

"The Turkey Hop"

I’ll Always Remember……..

November 16, 2009

Last Request of the Evening

November 9, 2009

last request

For all you horn players

November 5, 2009


No Comment

November 3, 2009