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The Nomads – On the Gig

February 10, 2010

In this section of my “Nomads” tale I had inteneded to  take you through how the band got together.  Information on their beginning is still coming in from the band members, so in the mean time let’s post a couple of stories about Nomads gigs.

This first story is a remembrance from the Nomads bass player, Elwood “Woody” Schneider.

We were in Chambersburg, PA, and were playing our set before backing the Crystals,  famous recording artists at the time. We were set up on about a four-foot high platform. It was made only of wood (not very solid) and the backdrop was a parachute in back of the platform. We were into a song when suddenly there were no drums!   We looked back and there was no drummer. Gary and his drum seat “throne” had fallen off the back of the platform which had suddenly collapsed. Thank God for the parachute behind the stage which saved Gary from seroius injury! Gary played the rest of the night. I can’t imagine the horror in Gary’s mind when he was on the way down.

Gary Rusinovich, the Nomads drummer, adds a New Years Eve memory.

One  New Years eve, we did a gig at the Jewish Synagogue on Garrison Blvd. I remember nibbling a lot of pepperoni that night. We started our set that would take us out of the old year and into the new. About 11:45  I got major stomach cramps.  By 11:50 I was in big trouble!  I handed off my sticks to our lead singer Earl (also a drummer) like a quarterback to his fullback & went full speed to the men’s room. The rest of the group played an instrumental with Earl on drums. I made it ! I got back at 11:57, just in time to play Auld Lang Syne. It was a memorable night, but if I hadn’t made it to the men’s room, it would have been even more memorable!

Woody & Gary