R.I.P. Marty Fischer


(The following from Tom Thompson)

With heartbreaking sadness, I learned yesterday that Marty Fischer has passed. I do not have any other details at this time, but have reflected on the many years that we worked together especially with Pen Lucy. Listed below are some of the groups that Marty drummed with……

  • Mickey Fields and the Tilters
  • The Elegants
  • Bob Brady and the Con Chords
  • Pen Lucy

Tom T.

(More recently, Marty regularly played with Al Rossi and Al Rezeka. Marty died from complications of throat cancer on Sunday, August 22nd.  He was 65 years old.)

Marty Fischer at the drums

Marty Fischer at the drums.


11 Responses to “R.I.P. Marty Fischer”

  1. Don Corrieri Says:

    I am Marty’s nephew. Do you have any recordings of his music?

  2. Raymond A. Smyth Says:

    Childhood friend of Marty we to Sacred Heart of Jesus School

  3. Will Madzarac Says:

    Marty was a good friend up until he died. Worked with him at city of Baltimore for 20 years. Great guy would give you the shirt off his back. Went n watched him Charlie higgs n joey mc cann play many of nights. Party on marty.!

  4. Henry Smith Says:

    AL ROSSI AND JOY INQUIRY: I note Al Rossi mentioned in Marty’s remembrance. And I note the appearance of Joy’s band name, and photo, in the Band section of this great web site. (Thanks web site creators and maintainers!) I don’t seem to be able to find any other info about Joy on this site (or any others). Might anyone be able to point me to any site that has information on this truly magnificent Baltimore band? (I thought of Joy today when I ran into Dave Simmons of DC Star fame and he mentioned that Al had played on a commercial track Dave put together about the Ravens.) One person’s opinion: the Joy version I remember — c. 1976 and 1977, playing at the Golden Horn and that club on Putty Hill Road in Parkville, for example, still is the greatest “local” band I’ve ever heard during my almost 50 years of seeing all the local talent I could in DC, Baltimore, Northern VA and Western MD.

  5. Bob Myers Says:

    I am so sorry to hear of Marty’s passing. He was a fine musician, but more importantly, a fine man. R.I.P. Marty.

  6. Eddie Wockenfuss Says:

    I met Marty in the mid 60″s while playing a Jazz City on Pratt and Wolfe Sts in highland town. I always admired him because he played with so many really good bands and musicians. We were friends all through the 60″s and in 1969 I was with the Inner Cyrkle at the Paddock night club in OC. Our drummer, John Sankonis, had to report to Fort Holibird for a physical and would be gone for a week. Well…Marty sat in that week and was fantastic. He just “knew” all the songs!! I don’t know what he did but John didn’t get drafted. The Inner Cyrkle had a reunion about 6 or 7 years ago at Jazznicks where Johns band Boss Company was playing. There was a lot of old rock and rollers there and we all played. John and Marty traded off playing the drums. It was really a great night and it was also the last time I saw Marty. He was a fine drummer and a great guy.

  7. Sam Towers Says:

    I worked with Marty in the Elegants for a couple of years, and continued my friendship with him afterwards. Marty was a beautiful person and a talanted drummer. We have lost a real gem.

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