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R.I.P. Gerald Treffinger

March 29, 2011

The following was received from Barry Gregory at 7:25 this evening. Barry’s a reliable guy and the information is considered accurate, but it has not been independently verified.


“Gerald Treffinger was found dead tonight at his residence. Mike Marcellino last heard from Gerry just before St Patrick’s Day. In the past 2 days we have been communicating that something wasn’t right. No phone calls, not answering the phone and yesterday not answering the knock on his door. Mike spoke with his landlord and he found him on the floor in his kitchen. Living room lights and TV on.”



I will miss Gerry. He was one of the two singers in the Dynamics when I first joined them. He gave me my first Country Club Malt Liquor (in the shorty cans). I remember him with the Elegants with his soulful baritone voice; playing the organ and singing Procol Harem’s “Whiter Shade of Pale.” Gerry came and sang at Jam #1 and it was a personal treat for me; seeing all of the old Dynamics there was fantastic. We hung out at Don Barto’s after the Jam and he told me the ‘duck joke.’ It’s not like I’ll miss seeing him, because I never did after that first Jam, but I got an occasional email from him and just felt good knowing he was there. I will update this post as more information becomes available.

Amen, Brother.


Gerald Treffinger RIP, 3/26/11

Too Good to be True

March 13, 2011

I was playing with the band “Touch” on the boardwalk near 7th street in Ocean City during the summer of 1973. The other members in “Touch” were “Bungalow”  Bill Davis on keyboards, Walt Bailey on guitar, and on drums and lead vocals, switching off as needed or desired, were “Raunchy” Rick Peters and Trudy Cooper.

My sister ( Ida) was down at the ocean during this particular week and, as we lay in the sand getting a tan one day, she says to me, “Donna likes somebody in your band.  Guess who”?  Before we go further, I had better introduce you to Donna.  Donna was a beautiful Greek girl wilh hair below her waist and a face and body like a Grecian goddess.  If she wasn’t the most beautiful girl in Ocean City that week, then she was tied for first place with whomever else qualified.

Getting back to my sister’s question, I replied without hesitation, “Well, Ida, you had better tell Donna to get in line behind all of the other women in Ocean City for a shot at Raunchy Rick because EVERY female in this town is head-over-heels in love with him”.  “It’s not Raunch,” Ida told me.  “Well”,  I said, “I’ll let Bungalow Bill know”.  I said this because whichever chicks Raunchy Rich rejected, ALWAYS went with Bungalow.  Walt and I usually ended up unwilling bachelors, or monks so to speak.  “It’s not Bungalow either”, said my sister. I gave her a hard stare.  “OK Ida, lets have it NOW!”  Ida smiled and said, “Yep – it’s you Sam”.

I was stunned!  Donna, the Greek goddess was attracted to me!  I could hardy beelieve my luck, but I wasn’t a fool.  I acted immediately, found Donna and took her to dinner before the gig.  After the gig we went back to my rented room at the Majestic on 7th street  and had an incredibilly romantic night.  Things couldn’t have been better.  The next morning we woke up and went down to breakfast.  Still not beieveing my incredible luck, I found myself staring at her, from the tips of her toes, to the top of her beautiful black hair and down again to her georgeous (uh-oh) YELLOW EYES!!!!!

I told her what I was seeing, she looked in a mirror to confirm what I had told her and we bolted to the Ocean City clinic.  As I suspected, her blood tests revealed Hepatitus B but luckily, mine were clean.  While she was rushed to GMBC in Towson (via ambulance) and quarantined, I had two very painful hemoblobin shots, (one in each butt cheek) as a vaccine and limped around that day.  I never saw her after that and never dated anyone that attractive again, EVER.  Looking back, I guess it was a freak accident of sorts, as if the universe made a mistake, noticed it’s mistake and corrected it immediately!.  One thing is for sure – the whole time, underneath it all, I was feeling that it was too good to be true anyhow!

“Raunchy” Rick aand Trudy Cooper at Woodstock

Raunch, rest in peace