Club Venus Memories


Mark Mihalos has provided us with a wonderful video tribute to her late father George’s nightclub, Club Venus. Opened in May 1966 in the Perring Plaza Shopping Center by owner George Mihalos and  his partner, Michael Athas, Club Venus presented some of the top entertainment of the day — from Rodney Dangerfield to Marvin Gaye, from Totie Fields to Ricky Nelson.

The video was beautifully produced by Mark’s friend (name to follow). It opens with an ariel shot of the entire Club Venus staff on the parking lot, and in a slide show of stills presents photos, autographs, and ads from the club’s line up. The soundtrack tracks the talent, using the music of the acts being presented.

It’s on YouTube, but in the opinion of YouTube’s servers the soundtrack violates copyright law – so it automatically stripped it out. I think it’s fair use … but they didn’t ask me. We’ve made it available as a downloadable file in three standard formats from the Club Venus page at We thought it was important to make it available because it’s a great tribute to a great club and a significant Baltimore club owner, and on our site there’s no question that it’s not being used for profit. Many thanks to George’s daughter, Mark. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did.

Club Venus Memories


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2 Responses to “Club Venus Memories”


    My family moved into community of Glendale (Towson, MD) on August 15, 1969, the day that Woodstock kicked off…the house was previously occupied by George Mihalos, my mom still lives there, 6715 Queens Ferry Rd…

  2. Sam Towers Says:

    Walt Bailey wa telling me that he and “Raunchy” Rick Peters had gone up to the Club Venus one winter evening to hear Tommy Vann and got to talking with Mickey Reed in the Perring Plaza parking lot after the gig. After shootin’ the breeze for awhile, they sid good night to one another and everyone went their seperate ways. Mickey never made it home, as we all know, wrapping his car around a telephone pole instead and breaking his neck. Walt and Rick (from :Light”) were no doubt the last guys ever to tolk with Micky in his unfortunately short life. A great vibes player, he would sometimes give one of his mallets to “Doc” who would smack out some rhythm on his pick guard cover with his right hand while playing his bass melodies with only his left hand. ‘Doc” was the first electric bassist that I ever saw do that.

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