R.I.P. Dave Fultz


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David Fultz passed away on June 21. He played with Second Coming and was a great freind. He was young … only 63 or 64. Many fellow musicians knew Dave. He was a super guy who had much faith thru all of his health issues — always kept a positive attitude.

Dave Fultz (pictured center, with full beard)



5 Responses to “R.I.P. Dave Fultz”

  1. Kiyoko Merante Says:


  2. Jerel Jones Says:

    Dave and I were classmates in the sixth and seventh grade at Middle River junior High. I was always the class artist ,and the thing I remember most was that he had the best handwritting I had ever seen. I tried all year to match him on that but it never happened.
    I changed schools soon after and didn’t see Dave again untill
    I came home on leave from the Navy in 1968. I was at the Latin Casino right after Christmas ,and there was Dave playing guitar with the best band in Baltimore. On the first break he came right over to me, remembered my name , and cracked that smile . There was never a nicer guy. I met my wife that night and will never forget it.

    Jerel Jones
    Producer / The Subdudes 2007-2009
    Biographica Films and Records

  3. Tom Wright Says:

    I too was part of The Second Coming Band ( drums ) with Dave along with Donnie and Tom (Robo). We stole David from the great Baltimore Band ” Dryed Ice ” during the summer of 1970 in Ocean City, Md. David was one of the most talented guitarist that Baltimore ever produced. He was a creative force that in my opinion never really got his due.

    We played around DC clubs a lot and David lived with me in my parents home where the band usually rehearsed and during that time we became close as brothers.

    Dave was short in stature but had that tough Baltimore persona and never backed down from anyone who gave him static about his unique looks. I remember we were waiting in line at a local fast food joint and a football jock and his girlfriend, in a car in the drive thru, could see us inside and started laughing at our ” hippy style looks ” David flip the guy the ” Bird ” and the fight was on. The guy came inside to fight and Dave was all over him with me in between. The manager threatened to call the police as we tossed each other around. Dave was fearless. I remember when our keyboard player ( Mike Sarigumba ) left the band, we were reduced to lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass and drums. David had to do all the horn fills and other keyboard parts on the guitar which was absolutely amazing. He stepped up to the challenge.

    In some of the comments I have read, David had serious health challenges later in life but always ” kept the faith “. As a Christian I pray that means we will see each other again.

    When I left the band to go back to college David said me that he thought I would be the last to leave the band, and that music would always be in my blood…he was right. Music was always in David’s
    blood to the end,

    God Bless You Blood Brother,

    Tommy Wright

    My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

  4. donniemack Says:

    Me as well, sang in the 2nd Coming in the early days with Dave Fultz, Charlie Taylor (also deceased), Tommy Wright (in Florida), Tommy Rodante (in Bowie, Md.), and Mike Seragumba (Pineapple) (in Las Vegas). Still have great memories of playing in go-go joints with girls in go-go boots, in cages and spending time in Delaware over the wintertime just creating music with Dave (we called him Munchie since we thought he resembled a munchkin with his elf-like face), smoking a lot of pot, etc. He was a
    very creative guy who will be missed……….Don Halcombe

  5. tom rodante Says:

    I haven’t seen Dave since we parted ways, probably the mid 70’s or so, but i never forgot him. i still tell stories about our days together, all good funny stuff. that’s what those days were then. i am sorry we never stayed in touch though, life goes on, we go our own ways, lose touch. i’m in shock, it’s like, hey, Dave’s not supposed to die.

    Dave, if you see Denny, ask him about that thumb thing again will you? slapping the bass with your thumb, whoever heard of such a crazy thing???????

    Crazy Baltimore guys. I miss everyone of yuzguyz

    Tom (Robo) Rodante

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