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R.I.P. Tom Fillmore

July 23, 2011

Thomas Scott Fillmore
Oct 20, 1950 – July 18, 2011

It is with a special sadness that we note the passing of Tom, younger brother of BaltimoreJam co-founder, Randolph Fillmore. After a couple days of no contact he was found in his apartment on July 18, having died of an apparent heart attack. Tom had battled a combination of health issues, including heart disease, for many years.

I had known Tommy literally all his life, as our families were friends. He wasn’t a musician, but music was a family affair for the Fillmores and Tommy worked as roadie for the Mello Men. It was through Tommy that I tracked brother Randy down in 2000, and it was from that reconnection that the first Baltimore Jam was born. Tom attended a couple of the Jams, bringing with him a framed photo of Celebration, the last band that his brother and I played in together. Despite his poor health he was always in great spirits when I saw him. He loved those musical get-togethers, he loved the music, and he loved his brother the trumpet player.

R.I.P. Stella

July 11, 2011

Stella died suddenly yesterday from a heart ailment. She died in the back seat of my 2006 Nissan Sentra on the way to the University if Minnesota emergency veterinary clinic. She loved to ride in my car because she could stretch out on the back seat, and because it usually took her to the Minneapolis off-leash dog park by Minnehaha Falls where she could romp with the other (always smaller) dogs, and wade out into the Mississippi River to buoy her 135 pounds.¬†She was my daughter’s dog but I’ve known her since Ingrid brought her home as a puppy 8 years ago. She often stayed with us for short periods. I live in an apartment, and Stella was like having a small pony in the house.

In my household there have always been cats, as there are now (2). I’m not what is commonly described as a “dog person,” but we all adored Stella. She was a sweet sweet spirit unlike any I have ever known, and our entire family will miss her terribly.

Stella, English Mastiff, June 24, 2011