R.I.P. Bede Augustine Clarke


Last Tuesday I learned about the loss of a dear friend. He died on December 5.

When I met Bede at Parkville High School he was “Bud.” When we became friends he became “Clyde.” When he signed up as a Navy pilot he was Bede, and remained Bede from then on.

He was not a musician, despite the occasional trombone lesson I gave him. He was an artist, a sociologist, a writer, a philosopher, a military officer and Apache helicopter pilot. He lived mostly in Baltimore, MD, and part time in Gulfport, Alabama. I live far away from both of those, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We rarely saw each other over the last 40 years, and had very little contact, but our friendship always remained.

Bede loved my wife and I — he was Best Man at our wedding in 1968 — and we loved him. I never missed him more than the day I learned he was gone. Now, I’ve missed him every day since and will continue to miss him each and every day to come.

Bede A. Clarke

Bede A. Clarke - April, 1967

Bede Clarke, taken 2011 at the Naval Aviation Museum


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One Response to “R.I.P. Bede Augustine Clarke”

  1. cookieslady@comcast.net Says:

    Don – Here’s another one that was in the B altimore Sun obituary column last week. I sent it to Sam Towers. Hope you are well – Best w ishes for very Merry C hristmas & Happy New Year to you and your family! Norma

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