Buddy Deane Remembered in the UK


Back in July we were contacted by Ian Whent. a writer for the popular British music magazine, Mojo. He was doing research for a story on Buddy Dean and in the process had come across BaltimoreJam.org and our page on Deane. In addition to the information on our site, I referred him to John Sankonis who I was sure would have more detailed info, unpublished recollections and possibly some unseen photos. The resulting article came out in the October issue of Mojo and it’s a great capsule story of the show, it’s origin and impact, and eventual demise.

I’m posting the article here with the assumption that Mr. Whent won’t mind. It’s one small story in a magazine packed with great stuff including the final interview with the late Johnny Winter, Smokey Robinson’s take on how to write a soul classic, and a great tour of New Orleans, past and present, conducted by the Night Tripper himself, Dr. John, a.k.a. Mac Rebennack. There are also stories on Queen, the Kinks, Kate Bush and much more … a pretty cool magazine.

Mojo, Buddy Deane Article, page 1


Mojo, Buddy Deane Article, page 2


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