R.I.P. Bill Holland



Bill’s name isn’t the most familiar among Baltimore musicians, but throughout his days at Parkville High School he was the tenor sax player in The Poker Chips, a band of teenagers that set a standard as young professionals.

We just learned of Bill’s death which occurred this past August following a bout with cancer. He leaves behind his son, Andres, whose place in Bill’s life was a story in itself. Bill and Andres attended the last Jam in 2012 … it was great to see them.

We didn’t like saying we were “old friends,” lest the “old” be applied to our age rather than the length of our friendship, so we referred to each other as our “friendship of long duration.” Goodbye old friend.


2 Responses to “R.I.P. Bill Holland”

  1. Donna Miller Says:

    Bill, I won’t call you an old friend either, let’s just say our friendship endured half a century with many fond memories along the way. You will be greatly missed.

    No doubt you and Dwight will be reminiscing about special times
    of days gone by and comparing notes.

    Rest in peach, my friend.
    Donna Miller

  2. John C Griffin Says:

    May you rest in peace, my musician friend. Jack Griffin

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