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B’Jam is the blog of BaltimoreJam.org. This blog is an effort to serve and extend that community of people with an interest or connection to the music of Baltimore, Maryland and the musicians who create it.

The longer story …

In 2000, life-long friends Don Lehnhoff and Randy Fillmore (2 guys from Parkville) caught up with each other after about 15 years of separation. Having played in many bands together, from classical to R&B, they thought it would be a blast to get together with the musicians they used to work with and have a “reunion” of sorts … one centered around playing music. The result was the first ’60s Baltimore R&B Jam held June 15 and 16, 2001 at Stingers Bar and the old Alcazar, respectively.

That could have been (and perhaps should have been) the end of it, but from the limited circle of contacts that Don and Randy could muster the word spread. Continuing to spread after the Jam was over, there was a growing desire to do it again for the musicians who learned of it after the fact … and so there was Jam2 on June 14 and 15 of 2002.

At Stingers Bar on June 14 (Jam 2, Phase 1) Don and Randy were introduced to Joe Vaccarino who was compiling a catalog of bands and recordings from the same era. The connection and mutual goals were obvious, Joe published his book (Baltimore Sounds), and the ball keeps rolling.

Join in, or just check in. Track down that drummer you haven’t seen in 35 years, or the bass player you used to write tunes with, and get together in the basement … for old time’s sake … or just for the helluvit.

Don Lehnhoff

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