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Timing Is Everything

September 24, 2012

Stermer Goes Green

July 8, 2012

Always the innovator, Jere Stermer does it again:


June 26, 2012

Allergic to the man cartoon

Too Good to be True

March 13, 2011

I was playing with the band “Touch” on the boardwalk near 7th street in Ocean City during the summer of 1973. The other members in “Touch” were “Bungalow”  Bill Davis on keyboards, Walt Bailey on guitar, and on drums and lead vocals, switching off as needed or desired, were “Raunchy” Rick Peters and Trudy Cooper.

My sister ( Ida) was down at the ocean during this particular week and, as we lay in the sand getting a tan one day, she says to me, “Donna likes somebody in your band.  Guess who”?  Before we go further, I had better introduce you to Donna.  Donna was a beautiful Greek girl wilh hair below her waist and a face and body like a Grecian goddess.  If she wasn’t the most beautiful girl in Ocean City that week, then she was tied for first place with whomever else qualified.

Getting back to my sister’s question, I replied without hesitation, “Well, Ida, you had better tell Donna to get in line behind all of the other women in Ocean City for a shot at Raunchy Rick because EVERY female in this town is head-over-heels in love with him”.  “It’s not Raunch,” Ida told me.  “Well”,  I said, “I’ll let Bungalow Bill know”.  I said this because whichever chicks Raunchy Rich rejected, ALWAYS went with Bungalow.  Walt and I usually ended up unwilling bachelors, or monks so to speak.  “It’s not Bungalow either”, said my sister. I gave her a hard stare.  “OK Ida, lets have it NOW!”  Ida smiled and said, “Yep – it’s you Sam”.

I was stunned!  Donna, the Greek goddess was attracted to me!  I could hardy beelieve my luck, but I wasn’t a fool.  I acted immediately, found Donna and took her to dinner before the gig.  After the gig we went back to my rented room at the Majestic on 7th street  and had an incredibilly romantic night.  Things couldn’t have been better.  The next morning we woke up and went down to breakfast.  Still not beieveing my incredible luck, I found myself staring at her, from the tips of her toes, to the top of her beautiful black hair and down again to her georgeous (uh-oh) YELLOW EYES!!!!!

I told her what I was seeing, she looked in a mirror to confirm what I had told her and we bolted to the Ocean City clinic.  As I suspected, her blood tests revealed Hepatitus B but luckily, mine were clean.  While she was rushed to GMBC in Towson (via ambulance) and quarantined, I had two very painful hemoblobin shots, (one in each butt cheek) as a vaccine and limped around that day.  I never saw her after that and never dated anyone that attractive again, EVER.  Looking back, I guess it was a freak accident of sorts, as if the universe made a mistake, noticed it’s mistake and corrected it immediately!.  One thing is for sure – the whole time, underneath it all, I was feeling that it was too good to be true anyhow!

“Raunchy” Rick aand Trudy Cooper at Woodstock

Raunch, rest in peace

Thanksgiving Tradition According to Freberg

November 24, 2010

It’s been told and retold, year after year. We’ve all heard it from childhood — how the Pilgrims prepared a feast to honor their survival in the New World and its native inhabitants who helped them survive — but what about the menu? Why was turkey the main dish, a dish that remains the centerpiece of the traditional Thanksgiving feast to this day? In 1961, Stan Freberg gave us the answer.

If you aren’t familiar with “Stan the Man” I strongly recommend it. I was introduced to him and to his great album, “Stan Freberg Presents the United States of America – Volume 1” by Mr. Cool himself — Parkville H.S. band director Ivan Bowser. It made a lasting impression.

Freberg was one of the original Mad Men … an advertising executive of singular creativity and great renown. Baltimoreans in particular (those of a certain age) should remember him for his unique radio and TV ads for Esskay meats. He also did comedy albums, building them on the same humor that fueled his advertising.

But enough of that. It’s Thanksgiving, and here is the story, according to Mr. Freberg, of how turkey became the entree of choice. I hope your turkey is delicious, and that it is accompanied by all of the warmth of family and gratitude that the first Thanksgiving represents.

The Nomads – On the Gig

February 10, 2010

In this section of my “Nomads” tale I had inteneded to  take you through how the band got together.  Information on their beginning is still coming in from the band members, so in the mean time let’s post a couple of stories about Nomads gigs.

This first story is a remembrance from the Nomads bass player, Elwood “Woody” Schneider.

We were in Chambersburg, PA, and were playing our set before backing the Crystals,  famous recording artists at the time. We were set up on about a four-foot high platform. It was made only of wood (not very solid) and the backdrop was a parachute in back of the platform. We were into a song when suddenly there were no drums!   We looked back and there was no drummer. Gary and his drum seat “throne” had fallen off the back of the platform which had suddenly collapsed. Thank God for the parachute behind the stage which saved Gary from seroius injury! Gary played the rest of the night. I can’t imagine the horror in Gary’s mind when he was on the way down.

Gary Rusinovich, the Nomads drummer, adds a New Years Eve memory.

One  New Years eve, we did a gig at the Jewish Synagogue on Garrison Blvd. I remember nibbling a lot of pepperoni that night. We started our set that would take us out of the old year and into the new. About 11:45  I got major stomach cramps.  By 11:50 I was in big trouble!  I handed off my sticks to our lead singer Earl (also a drummer) like a quarterback to his fullback & went full speed to the men’s room. The rest of the group played an instrumental with Earl on drums. I made it ! I got back at 11:57, just in time to play Auld Lang Syne. It was a memorable night, but if I hadn’t made it to the men’s room, it would have been even more memorable!

Woody & Gary

The Nomads – beginning to end (Prologue)

January 23, 2010

I grew up in Idlewyld, a small community just south of Towson and just north of the Baltimore City line.  My house was only two blocks from a small community center for Idlewyld, and in that community center was a hall used for wedding receptions and other community events which included saturday night dances for the teens.  Idlewyld Hall, as it was commonly known, was and is still located within a block of the City line on what is actually the Alameda, but who’s name changes to Sherwood Road as it crosses from the City to the County.

At age 14 I decided to go hear The Nomads, a live band, something I had never done.  I took my childhood friend Mike Hodgeman with me.  Mike had never heard a live band either.  At the time I was playing guitar tunes with a junior high school friend – songs by Link Wray, Duane Eddy and the Ventures, but just for fun.  Being in a band had never entered my mind, but that was about to change!

We entered the Idlewyld Community Hall that night through the front door, which was at the opposite end of the hall from where the band was set up.  The hall floor was poured concrete from beginning to end so the band was set up on the floor, at the level of the crowd. Since there was no stage the band’s sound, especially the high tones, was mostly absorbed by the first few rows of people. It took us awhile to make our way to the front, so that we could both see and hear the band better and I ended up standing in the front row, a little to the left of center, right in front of the bass player.  The Nomads kicked off their next song and I never moved for the rest of the night.  I was transfixed.  The bass player played a Fender Bass with the strap slung so low that the neck of the instrument was nearly vertical to the ground!  He looked so cool!!!!!!  His amp was an Ampeg piggy back, the kind that the electronics mounted on the top flipped over to be stored inside the speaker cabinet itself.  It had a rod on the back of the cabinet to allow the cabinet to tilt backward and project the sound upward.  The Ampeg faceplate on the vacuum tube cover glowed a pale green.  Sometime during the evening I asked someone in the crowd the name of the bass player.  They said, “Oh, that’s Elwood”.

I left the Community Hall that night with the Nomads playing through my head and the image of Elwood and his bass before my eyes.  It was at that moment  that I knew I had to play in a band too.  Not too long afterwards I began my first band, the RaVons, but that’s another story.

In the 2nd entry that follows, I’ll lay out how the Nomads first began and the order of the players as they joined and left the band, well, like I say in the title of this blog, from beginning to end.  The 3rd and last entry will contain some humorous recollections from the band members themselves.  Here’s a picture of the original group.

I’ll Always Remember……..

November 16, 2009

Last Request of the Evening

November 9, 2009

last request

For all you horn players

November 5, 2009