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Amplified Blasts From the Past

November 21, 2012

Those of us who know Mr. Sam Towers will know him to be an outstanding musician on both guitar and bass. What I didn’t know until recently is that he is also either: a.) an archivist, or b.) a pack rat. Recently, Sam had the need to dig into some old files and boxes he hadn’t touched in almost 40 years. In the process he uncovered a trove of Baltimore musician history that just has to be shared, so we’re going to share it here.

This first installment starts with a receipt for an amplifier. Not just any amp, but a classic favorite for guitar since it’s release in 1952, two years before Fender began selling Stratocasters. The Fender Twin Reverb.

For perspective I looked up a vintage original 1967 Twin. This one was listed as “near mint” condition and was selling for $2,500.00.

1967 vintage Fender Twin Reverb guitar amp

If you’re willing to sacrifice authenticity and go for re-issue, you can get this 1965 vintage re-issue for $1,350 at Guitar Center.

1965 vintage re-issue Fender Twin Reverb guitar amp

Sam has an incredible stack of receipts from Fred Walker’s … most written in Mr. Walker’s own hand … but this is the only one from Jimmy’s Music Shop, 127 West 48th Street, New York, NY. Musical instruments of all types were always known to be about 1/2 price in New York, even compared to someplace close by like Baltimore. I drove to NY to buy a trombone in 1972 for that same reason.

Here’s Sam’s 1967 receipt for a Fender Twin Reverb. It must have looked a lot like the vintage original Twin above (but probably without wheels) … maybe Sam can tell us if his amp was black face or silver face.

receipt for a 1967 Fender Twin Reverb guitar amp from Jimmy's Music Shop on 48th St. in New York