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An Esquires Inquiry

January 11, 2011

One of the fun parts of maintaining this blog and the accompanying website is the surprise emails and unexpected questions we get. Last week this came our way in the form of a smeared, 45 year old Polaroid from Ned O.,  a former Baltimore musician living in Pennsylvania. He had found our website while looking for mates from his first band, the Chauntels, which led him to us. He sent some photos of Frank James & the Outlaws for us to post, and included this Polaroid:

The Esquires (Dulaney north)

Ned didn’t remember who these guys were or why he had the photo, but he was curious. We got curious too, so we started digging. It was a fun project. We emailed the photo to a few people; some rang a bell with one or two faces; others recognized nobody; someone put 2 & 2 together and suggested somebody else who might know more. Sure enough, Steve S. came through big time. We feel pretty solid on everybody except the sax player … maybe you know these guys and can help fill in the blanks. Following is what we think we know:

The band is The Esquires from Dulaney High School (not to be confused with the other Esquires fronted by Al Hoffman).

The photo is circa 1964-65.

The guys, from left to right, are:

  • Jim Bennet – trombone
  • Tom Chalker (?) – tenor sax
  • Ric Connolly – drums
  • Ron Dorfler – guitar
  • Wade Randall – bass
  • Rex Little – trumpet
The guy with the glasses and Lufthansa bag is Ric Connelly, drummer, who was in various permutations of The Esquires over the years. He died young, in 1988. The Lufthansa airline bag Ric is holding is a promotional item from WCAO radio. Denny Picasso (singer with Dynamics, Majestics, Hitch-Hikers) got a bunch of them from WCAO DJ Paul Rogers. Denny handed them out to anyone who wanted one, and Ric got one.
We weren’t sure of the photo was taken at 8:05, or if we’re looking at a typical  high school clock.

If you recognize this photo or or these people, or have additional information, please post it here. (comments)