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In Honor Of Gil Monroe

March 2, 2013

Post from elsewhere by Tim Landers – PLEASE contact Tim Landers, (443) 686-1450, to help with this event in honor of Gil Monroe.


Dear Fellow Entertainers, Musicians and Friends, I am sorry to have to write this but I am attempting to pull off something that is very difficult to do. With the exception of a few people, many of you will be startled and I hope even outraged by what I am about to tell you. As many of you know, one of the truly great mentors in my life is Gil Monroe. I don’t think that I need to go into a long drawn out story of everything Gil has accomplished but for those who need a little history here goes: This man lead one of the most successful orchestras in the country starting in the 1940’s. Johnny Mann was one of his piano players and singers, Hank Levy played Sax for him and he worked with the likes of everyone from Guy Lombardo , The Temptations and Buddy Rich to Stevie Wonder. Gil also ran a music store in the Overlea area where many a young musician was given their first taste of what it was like to truthfully be a professional.

We were taught, nurtured and even promoted by this man. He gave freely of his talent and his own equipment so that we could begin to earn money doing what he and the teachers in his studio had taught us to do and never asked for anything in return (except the equipment back). I am fortunate to be living one of the lives that this man touched and have never forgotten him for it. We kept in touch over the years and had lunch and dinners regularly. At 90 years old he’s still sharp as a tack but sadly through no fault of his own has become the victim of what so many of our senior citizens have been experiencing. I will share the actual details with anyone who would like them but for now let’s just say that Gil has been seriously taken advantage of even abused. He was literally tossed out on the street. I know this to be true because for the last month Gil has been living with me. A nurse punctured his eardrum so he can’t hear that well and he’s not up with the latest technology like computers (which is why I feel safe sharing this on facebook) but otherwise he’s in great shape and is not on a single medication.

Recently Gil moved in with his niece briefly until other arrangements can be made. With the exception of a very meager Social Security and Retirement income (which his ex-wife gets part of) he has nothing except a 1997 Lincoln Town Car. What I am proposing is for everyone who wishes to give back something to this man who gave so much to others, pitch in together and organize an event to celebrate his life and give all of the proceeds to Gil. I have already spoken to a few folks but I need alot of help. We need to have a committee set up to handle this huge undertaking so please don’t volunteer unless you are truthfully willing to do a great deal of work for nothing in return other than feeling a little bit better about yourself.

I am proposing that we get a hall in the Baltimore area and organize a volunteer group of musicians to play. Everyone, whether they are playing or not has to buy a ticket and hopefully almost everything from food to drinks and the hall will be donated or acquired at an extremely low rate. All egos must be set aside as we must keep our eye on the ball so to speak. Gil is a very proud man but I know he would greatly appreciate help now and HE DESERVES IT. One thing I do know about entertainers is they tend to have very big hearts and also take care of their own.

If you are interested in helping out, please respond to me via Facebook or call me at (443) 686-1450. I will also be posting this on Baltimore Bands and would appreciate it if everyone out there would send it to everyone they can. Once I see how much interest there is I will make my decision on how to proceed. Remember, hopefully we are all going to be 90 one day and I don’t know about you but I would like to spend my final years with at least a bit of my dignity left. Thank You And God Bless You, Your Buddy, Timmy

Past Jam Connections

May 5, 2012

I like connections … synergy … things that enrich or expand an experience. The Jams themselves are all about connecting — with old friends and musical experiences, but also with the atmosphere and locations where those experiences and friendships were created. In that regard we’ve always tried to make a connection with each Jam venue.

Jam 1 Friday night in 2001 was held at a small bar – because we’ve all played plenty of bars, large and small – and the connection went further because the bar, Stingers at 6900 Belair Road, was owned and operated by the cousins of keyboard player Mike Foreman, Jim and Joan Boyer. Mike was a key contributor to that first Jam. We packed a lot of people into that little place.

formerly Stingers Sports Bar, now Overlea Station

formerly Stingers Sports Bar, now Overlea Station

Jam 1 Saturday was held at what was once the Alcazar Ballroom – now a part of the Baltimore School for the Arts. Many of us had played at the old Alcazar, and Jam stalwart, Don Barto, was teaching a class there at the time of the Jam so he made the arrangements. Even the less-than-ideal acoustics couldn’t dampen the high energy of about 35 musicians plus about 50 guests.

formerly the Alcazar Ballroom, now part of the Baltimore School for the Arts

formerly the Alcazar Ballroom, now part of the Baltimore School for the Arts

Jam 2 Friday night in 2002 was again at Stingers. Jim Boyer, Elvis Impersonator, came to the party, and Trudy Morgal introduced us to Joe Vaccarino who was compiling band information for a book. The next day Jam was at Overlea Hall, another place of employment over the years for many Jam participants. It made for a higher priced ticket than we generally like to  have, but the food and OH staff were both outstanding and a great time was had by all — roughly 50 musicians and 250 guests. The Mello Men organized a “Reunion Within a Jam” and big band music was introduced into the mix.

formerly Overlea Hall, now The Overlea Event Center

formerly Overlea Hall, now The Overlea Event Center

Jam 3 in 2005 was a search for an intimate bar atmosphere with more room than Stingers. Joan Boyer had passed away and Jim sold the place, so our old bar was no more. We went with all one day instead of 2, and we did it at Bobby B’s on Turkey Point Road. There was a double connection at Bobby B’s. Proprietor Bobby Berger played tenor sax and knew some of the musicians involved – connection #1. The other connection was the club’s history, as it was once called Hoffman’s and was owned by singer and fellow jammer, Al Hoffman, whose own band, Charade, played there regularly. Many of us played at Hoffmans in the ’60s.

Bobby B's. the bar.

Bobby B’s. the bar.

Jam 4 in 2008 was back at Bobby B’s, but this time in the large show room instead of the bar. The connections were only strengthened with great music … and the bands play on.

Bobby B's Palace

Bobby B’s Palace

Bluesette Reunion 2011

November 3, 2011

The Bluesette is reunioning again in 2011. Learn the details and follow it here:


Saturday, November 5 – 9pm-1am
Sunday, November 6 – 12am-10pm



Frazier’s on the Avenue & LIVE STREAMING
919 West 36th Street
Baltimore, MD 21211-2414
(410) 662-4914



Urch Perch
Woody Lissauer
The Happys
Tall in the Saddle
Blues Deluxe W/ Denise Dicey
The Stonebridge Blues Band
Howdy Duty
Max Ochs
Fred Tepper
Spike Settles
Joe Buccheri as special guest MC

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TV & Echoes Reunion – UPDATE

May 28, 2011

Plans continue to solidify for the much-anticipated August 20, 2011 first-ever reunion of the original Tommy Vann & the Echoes. Members of the Mihalos family are planning to attend in honor of George Mihalos, owner of Hollywood Park and Club Venus, and long-time manager and producer of Tommy Vann & the Echoes.

IMPORTANT: The official website for tickets and information for the reunion is:

Phone numbers for tickets are:
Walt Anderson 410-254-7530
John Sankonis 410-967-6376

The Tommy Vann & the Echoes Reunion is a production of:
The Entertainment Network
P.O. Box 5852
Timonium, MD 21094


Tommy Vann & the Echoes To Reunite

April 15, 2011

The following is an email we just received, forwarded by Sam Towers.


Tommy Vann & The Echoes…the band that started it all. It was the band to go see back during the 60s. They first got together in 1962 and played at places like Hollywood Park and Club Venus. This is going to sell out so if anyone is interested, let me know. Advance ticket sales only. First come, first serve.

“The Reunion”
Featuring The Original
“Tommy Vann & The Echoes”

August 20, 2011 • 8 p.m. ~ Midnight
Bowleys Quarters Banquet Hall
900 Bowleys Quarters Rd
Bowleys Quarters, MD  21220

Tommy Vann & the Echoes

Added Attraction
“Annie B & The Boyz”

Included are Beer, Wine, Sodas, Chips & Pretzels

Portions of the Proceeds to Benefit
“Wounded Warrior Project”
Thank you for supporting
our 50th Year Reunion!


Information can be found on Tommy Vann’s Website and Facebook Page.