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Merry Christmas

December 23, 2009

Here’s some Christmas music that I’m pretty sure you haven’t heard, which is why I’m posting it. This is a band from South Florida known as Groove Thangs.


Have A Funky Christmas

I discovered these guys a few years ago and found them to be funky as hell. Some of the band members also work as the Shack Daddys with the same level of Florida swamp funk. I’m not sure which band and players are which at any given time and which band is the most active, but it doesn’t matter. It’s not complicated, but their brand of easy Florida funk is  infectious. If you’re interested, here’s a sample from a Shack Daddys CD. It’s not a Christmas tune per se, but it does connect to Christmas in one very commercial way … it’s about money. Stacks and stacks of the stuff.

Here’s to a New Year and goodbye to 2009. I’d like to thank each and every one of you who takes the time to visit here. I hope you continue to find it interesting, or at least mildly entertaining, and I hope it’s helped you find ways to connect with your own personal musical history and old friends. As the years roll along that “old friends” label can take on a different meaning. In that regard, I offer a tag coined by an “old” friend of mine, fellow Poker Chip Bill Holland. In lieu of being old friends, he has declared us to be “Friends of Long Duration.” I like that.

I’d also like to give a special thanks to another friend of long duration and fellow Dynamic, Sam Towers, for fearlessly jumping in with both feet and helping breath life into this blog. His support and energy and ideas are most welcome and have been invaluable.

I hope your Christmas 2009 is a most merry one, and your New Year of 2010 one of health, happiness and prosperity. It wouldn’t be right for a Baltimore-oriented blog to offer a Christmas post and not include that most famous Christmas wish from the fat man … so here it is.

Fat Daddy Santa Claus

Music for Toys for Tots

November 28, 2009



Don Junker  / Scott Holbert  / Mike Davis  / John Williams  / Randy Martell


Ken Ebo  / Jen Krupa  / Bob Holladay   / Corey Wallace   / Gabe Osborne  BASS TROMBONE: Bernard Robier  TUBA: Ed Goldstein


Eric Wetzel  / Rich Burns  / Barry Cauldill  / Whit Williams  / Al Caldwell


Ron Friedman  / Lynne Griffith  / Eldridge Parrish  / Lenore Turner  / Chris Dwyer / Cally Messick


PIANO: Paul Morawski   BASS: Jason Gano   GUITAR: Jough Loosmore   DRUMS: Marty Knepp  PERCUSSION: Joanna Dabrowska

VOCALS:  Ken Ebo & Tammy Temple     MASTER of CERMONIES:  Ken Jackson WYPR FM Radio