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Thanksgiving Tradition According to Freberg

November 24, 2010

It’s been told and retold, year after year. We’ve all heard it from childhood — how the Pilgrims prepared a feast to honor their survival in the New World and its native inhabitants who helped them survive — but what about the menu? Why was turkey the main dish, a dish that remains the centerpiece of the traditional Thanksgiving feast to this day? In 1961, Stan Freberg gave us the answer.

If you aren’t familiar with “Stan the Man” I strongly recommend it. I was introduced to him and to his great album, “Stan Freberg Presents the United States of America – Volume 1” by Mr. Cool himself — Parkville H.S. band director Ivan Bowser. It made a lasting impression.

Freberg was one of the original Mad Men … an advertising executive of singular creativity and great renown. Baltimoreans in particular (those of a certain age) should remember him for his unique radio and TV ads for Esskay meats. He also did comedy albums, building them on the same humor that fueled his advertising.

But enough of that. It’s Thanksgiving, and here is the story, according to Mr. Freberg, of how turkey became the entree of choice. I hope your turkey is delicious, and that it is accompanied by all of the warmth of family and gratitude that the first Thanksgiving represents.